Bespoke Software as a Service

Unlike receiving an eye test result of 2020 vision it has been difficult to see clearly where this year is taking us especially when you are trying to run a business. Many of us are having to re think our business goals and adapt to lockdowns, restrictions, more lockdowns, tougher restrictions and on it goes. The global pandemic has really taken it’s toll on businesses large and small nationwide and everyone is looking for new ways of connecting to their customers and suppliers.  Saving time and money has never been more paramount as we enter the new year and we try to rebuild from the chaos that has hounded everyone throughout the year.


It goes without saying that technology has played a major part this year from video conferencing, click and collect services to many businesses desperately getting on board with e commerce so their customers can still buy their goods online. Rushing in for off the shelf packages or using a plug in on an existing website builder doesn’t always mean you get the best service. If you rush in or cut corners it shows. You can see a considerable difference when an expert does it because they know what they are doing and they get it right. A professional service not only looks good and is efficient but more importantly it can adapt quickly should any future changes be required. Remember we are still not out of the woods yet with the pandemic so you never know when you need changes to be made easily and quickly.


The best solution to this is Bespoke Software. “Too expensive” I hear you say! Well not necessarily. Have you heard about Bespoke Software as a Service solution? It gives you all the great features of a Bespoke Software package but it is more affordable. Want to learn more? Then read on...



What is Bespoke Software as a Service (BSaaS)?


BSaaS covers a lot of ground as it could be your brand new web site with built-in e-commerce solution, a mobile App, accounting application or contact resource management system, it all depends upon your needs. 



What are the advantages to BSaaS?


There are several advantages offered by having your software as a service:-


1. It’s a Money and Time Saver

BSaaS can be a great money saver as there are no upfront costs or lengthy installations to disrupt your business all you have to pay is a monthly or annual fee. All you will need is an internet connection, web address and login details and you are up and running.  You also save money on the maintenance of the Application as bug fixes and new features that your business requires can be added without incurring any disruption. All your data is also backed up for you and can be easily restored should it be required.


2. It Provides Accessibility and Scalability

BSaaS is also scalable and highly accessible.  As you add new team members the software can be scaled to cope more easily than traditional software solutions which may require further installations and configuration changes which can cause disruption to your business.   You can also access your software from anywhere whether you are using your office PC, home computer, laptop or tablet.  Your software is always there for you 24 hours a day 365 days a year.


3. It is Always Compatible and Future Proof

Your software will also remain compatible with your computers even when you have to upgrade or decide to change to a new computer system entirely, the software runs in your browser not on your PC and isn’t dependent upon it.


Buzy Bee Software Services can help as we provide Bespoke Software as a Service solution.