IT Support Services

The level of technical support you need will vary and so should the support that covers you. This is why we create support packages to suit your business, your systems and your budget.


Technical support is not just about fixing problems, but optimising the usability and performance of each and every component within a system.

Find peace of mind with our IT Support, available even if we didn't build your system or application


Our flexible website health check packages can help to improve the speed of your website, check to see it is mobile responsive, and provide offsite backups. Our malware scanning and security checks help to keep your website safe. By using keyword optimisation we can also help boost your search engine ranking.


From database optimisation, regular Updates and Google Analytics support to plugin updates, updates for WordPress core files, help fixing page errors and broken links our packages will give you peace of mind that your website is healthy and up to date. Whatever your requirements we’ve got you covered.


It is important that your software is also maintained and supported so that your business gains the maximum benefits from its functionality which is why we provide support and maintainance for your software throughout its life.  We want to keep working with you to keep your business running as smooth as possible so after we have built your application, we don’t just walk away, we are with you for the long-term.


Our friendly and knowledgeable team can offer proactive support through system monitoring and reporting plus we can provide remote support where possible. We work to an agreed Service Level Agreement (SLA), which means we’re committed to responding to client needs quickly through our experienced in-house front-line support team.


From priority bug-fixing, technical investigations and change requests to an off-site backup service we provide support to match your requirements and your budget. Our technical expertise and quick response to provide technical support ensures your software runs smoothly and efficiently while reducing any downtime which prevents loss of income.


Even if we didn’t build a client’s software, we can take it on and provide full support.  If your previous company has gone out of business mid-project, you have had a falling out with them or have used an offshore outsourced freelancer you may be left with an incomplete or failing system and a business that’s suffering as a result.


Whatever your business, whatever your size, we can help. Having the expertise to be able to facilitate a seamless system takeover plus providing the necessary support and maintenance needed we will get you back on track quickly so your business can continue to run as you want it to. Our experts will determine what the problem is, explain what has happened and formulate a plan of action to resolve any issues allowing you to focus on the day-to-day running of your business whilst we deal with the technical challenges.  If you need help during any restructure we can help you navigate transition periods smoothly without compromising critical functions.


Our pay as you go support service is exactly what it says. With no contracts we are available when you need us, providing peace of mind when you don't.


You will be charged at our hourly rate and we will do our best to estimate the time it will take.


Although this is not a priority service, we will deal with your query as soon as we are able to.

Pay Monthly

For a fixed monthly or annual fee our monthly maintenance contract assigns your business an agreed amount of developer time that is not assigned to any other client.


If you have any unused hours in a twelve month period you can use these towards our IT Consultancy or any other of our services.


This service takes priority over Pay-as-you-go so your query will be dealt with quickly.



Most small businesses cannot afford the luxury of an IT department but you could outsource and we have the expertise to help.


Our support comes in one affordable monthly payment with no hidden costs and as we have worked with systems in many different industries we have a wide range of experience.


We do this work for a living so we are very knowledgeable in this field and are up to date with all the latest technology.

You can have your own expert technical team on hand all the time with our support packages. Let us take full care of all your technical issues so you don't have to.

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