Bespoke Training Services

Even if you have little or no experience using technology you will be surprised at how easy it is to use any system we develop.


We achieve this by providing full training to ensure any member of your team can use it.

Our training is bespoke like our products and is delivered specifically with you and your team in mind


Technology is constantly changing which results in your software changing from time to time too and although new software can be good for business it can be frustrating for those having to use it.


The key is knowing how to train your workforce on a new system or technology ensuring all team members are comfortable using it. As we have built your software or system we know the ins and outs of how it works allowing us to create a tailor made training package for you and all your team members.


Although the thought of learning how to use new software or system can be daunting, we focus on what the benefits are and how this technology will help to make processes within the workplace more simplified and easier, all with minimal change. This helps create more focus when learning how to use the new technology.


We can advise you on how best to allocate time to fit in training so it does not distrupt the working day. We are aware that everyone learns at a different pace which is why we employ several methods how our training is deliverd so your team has the option of choosing what is best for them.  We are patient too so If a member of your team is struggling we will do our best to come up with a solution that helps. 


We can produce a document detailing how to use every aspect of your new software or system and will be written in sections so each feature or function can be found easily.  


Our manuals will also be written as an accessible PDF document that can be read and accessed by people with disabilities, primarily for the vision-impaired that may use assistive technology to read the file through text-to-speech or a Braille printout.


Documents can be downloaded or printed off so you have a hard copy.



Some people learn quicker when they see a visual representation of how a feature or function works.


We can create a video that will go through each of these section by section and will be created so you can choose which section you require.


The video will be accessible on youtube but only members of your workforce can access it as a log in and password would be required ensuring no one else gets access to how your software works. Security is paramount to us.




Bespoke integration help desk


We are able to integrate a help section within your software or system that has sections detailing how to use different features or functions. This section would also contain a Q&A section answering common questions that we hear often. A video will also be embedded which will visually show how each feature or function is used.


There will also be direct contact links back to Buzy Bee Software Services so you can easily get in touch for one of our developers to go through anything you are struggling with.  



You can only achieve optimum performance with software if it used correctly which is why we provide only the best training that is second to none


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