Sadly 2021 hasn’t got off to the best start and many of us are still facing the same challenges as last year.  The lockdown makes running a business during the current COVID-19 pandemic seem like a difficult, perhaps an even impossible task but using the right technology may just be the solution that you need.


Businesses are now looking for new digital solutions and ways of collaboration that can help with day-to-day work. Our lives have started relying even more on technology and many have adopted new IT solutions both inside and outside of our work environments.


Similarly, traditional brick and mortar shops have shifted towards e-commerce, click & collect services, food ordering apps solutions etc as restrictions make it less viable for some businesses to open their doors. Did you know that a bespoke software solution for all of these can be easily integrated together with your existing technology whether you use a laptop or have multiple desktop PC's?  The crisis has proven that a move to IT is inevitable no matter what industry, size of business or where they are based.


Having to adapt or change day to day running for your businesses can cause anxiety levels to increase and you may find yourself in a position where you are constantly worrying about what is going to happen from one day to the next. Bespoke software is putting businesses in charge of the situation helping to remove some of the worry about having to make adjustments  providing them with the control they need. This can be your lifeline not just during the current situation but for the future growth of your business too.


Bespoke software is also adding greater flexibility for those businesses who have had to implement remote working as it is enabling the entire workforce to access all the necessary information needed to ensure businesses continues to run smoothly.   The software can also be implemented in stages so that you and your staff aren’t overwhelmed by the changes that are going on within your organisation. Efficiency can also be increased as documents and information can be accessed immedietly and shared between team members.  Your staff can also collaborate together almost as though they are in the same office with their colleagues. You can even automate or simplify some of the more repetitive parts of your daily routines so that you and your staff can get on and do something that is far more enjoyable, productive and profitable for your business.


All businesses want to earn more and spend less which is why bespoke software can help you do both. When things get back to a ‘new’ normal your business is prepared and having the right software means flexible working from home could be your businesses new norm. This would allow you to downsize your office space saving you costly overheads.


Technology solutions don’ t have to be expensive either. Bespoke Software as a Service (BSaaS) can be a great money saver as there are no upfront costs or lengthy installations to disrupt your business all you have to pay is a monthly or annual fee. All you will need is an internet connection, web address and login details and you are up and running.  You also save money on the maintenance of the Application as bug fixes and new features that your business requires can be added without incurring any disruption. All your data is also backed up for you and can be easily restored should it be required and can even save you money in the future.


Investing in software now can only add value to your business. We all want to see our business grow and have the ability to adapt to any challenges faced now and in the future especially after what we have all experienced in the last 12 months.