Hosting Services

We don't just limit our services to software development we can also offer you an end-to-end service with the option of hosting with us.


We provide a simple, cost-effective way to access your software using our fast and responsive dedicated UK based server.

We can provide all your hosting needs even if you didn't get your software or website from us.


The hosting we provide is high speed, powerful, secure and reliable. Our dedicated UK based web server is based in the data centres of one of the UK’s leading hosting providers and is fully managed by our own team. This gives us full control over its operation including system updates and patches to ensure it is always performing at optimum allowing it to perform quickly and responsively to your visitors as there is nothing worse than someone becoming bored whilst waiting on a page on your web site to load. You want them to stay not go elsewhere.


We can provide hosting to businesses large and small from a one page simple website to a larger more complex E- commerce website, we have a hosting plan tailored to any business. We can manage everything including domain names, redirecting a webpage to another webpage, email servers and database servers. Plus every website or application we host is fully backed up regularly so should disaster strike, we can get you back up and running quickly.


If you require custom email addresses, no problem. We can arrange this so you get easy access to your emails with Secure IMAP hosting which allows access to your email from all your devices and Secure Webmail allowing you access from any browser.


You don't need to wait in a queue if you need to speak with someone. If there happens to be a problem which doesn't happen very often, you want to extend the service or have any questions you can contact a member of our team directly.


The data centre has a high speed UK based network with direct connections to several exchanges and servers with the very latest Intel technology. This ensures fast processing and response times for hosting with super fast page loading speeds.



The hosting is built using cloud based architecture with distributed resources to create a robust platform with built in redundancy to keep your website, software or mobile app up and running no matter what happens



The state of the art data centres are staffed by expert technicians who monitor the servers round the clock utilising the strictest of security methods including CCTV and Firewall protection to keep your data safe.

For your software to have optimum performance and become a vital tool for your business you need a web hosting service that can provide the best hosting can give which is why you can rely on us

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