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About The Centre for Leadership Performance


The award winning Centre for Leadership Performance is a not-for-profit private limited company working to develop Cumbria's leaders for today and tomorrow. They support and develop the high quality leaders that Cumbria's companies and organisations need to compete effectively in regional, UK and worldwide markets.


The Centre for Leadership Performance work with young people in Cumbria to encourage aspiration and their ambition for leadership roles, through their Dream Placement and Bright Stars programmes.



The Requirements


The web sites for the Centre for Leadership Performance started development in 2010 by  Server resources were at a premium so a solution was developed by to offload all server intensive work into an offline system that could be used to easily manage and upload changes to the web sites as required.  When became unavailable in 2019 Buzy Bee Software Services were approached to take over the maintenance of the web sites as we have extensive knowledge of bespoke systems, web site development and their supporting technologies.

What We Do


Buzy Bee Software Services provide maintenance for the Centre for Leadership Performance's existing portfolio of web sites.  The work includes a range of tasks from problem solving, database administration, image editing, adding content, extending web site functionality etc.

Technologies Used






The Mill (a proprietary web site builder developed by