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About the Client - TCL Cumbria Ltd


TCL Cumbria Ltd provides training, technical and engineering solutions for a wide range of applications.
TCL Cumbria Ltd required the development of an easy to maintain web site to act as a point of contact and a general information source for potential clients . Several web sites will be developed to promote each of their specialities with the main corporate web site developed first.

Our Solution



Buzy Bee Software Services designed the layout and several of the graphical illustrations used on the web site including the site banner and the DNA theme for each of the web site sections. Other illustrations for the web site were supplied by TCL Cumbria Ltd.

Concrete5, an award winning open source CMS, was chosen to act as the Content Management System.
The chosen layout was then broken down into its constituent components and reconstructed into an HTML theme for Concrete5. This theme is highly customisable, giving greater flexibility to the client in the sites overall look and feel.
The end result is an extremely flexible and easy to maintain and use web site for both clients and visitors.

Technology Used



Content Management System (CMS)