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About the Project


The 'Whitehaven APPsolutely' App was developed by a local business Buzy Bee Software Services. The owners Keith and Trish McWhan wanted to do something that would benefit the local communtiy.


The initial concept was to develop an App to help local charitable organisations raise awareness of their services and just grew from there. Trish has MS, Crohns & Trigeminal Neuralgia and felt an App would be a faster and more interactive way for Charities and health providers to send out valuable information for those who have health issues and those who provide care.


Being a small local business they also wanted to support local businesses/organisations. Advertising who you are and what you do can be a costly affair and not everyone has the finances to do this. They wanted to include a free listing and an inexpensive upgrade so that businesses/organisations could promote themselves and let people see what they do.


Finally they wanted to provide a way to showcase our picturesque and historical town where locals and people visiting the town could see the amazing sunsets along the beaches and discover the industrious history Whitehaven had and has.


Buzy Bee Software Services has covered all the costs for developing this App and any revenue will go towards the running costs and maintanance of the App.


Every four months 15% of all revenue will be given to a local Charity who are registered on the App

About Whitehaven Appsolutely


The 'Whitehaven Appsolutely' Town App allows you to search Whitehaven with a touch of your finger and discover what it has to offer, whoever you are, wherever you are. Available for FREE on Android devices with iOS to follow mid-November.


When the App is first installed and ran the content is downloaded so it is available even when there is no wi-fi connection.  As new information is updated this too becomes available offline.


The App will allow the user to select the option of receiving notifications. These include school closures, sales & promotions, special offers, event cancellations and other notices that have been added by a business/organisation. These notifications will be sent even when your phone is switched off so you never miss out.


There are many sections to the App including local news, emergency contacts, events, getting around, health, local information, local businesses, see & do, where to eat, where to shop, where to stay, religious institutions and charities.


There is also a section about walking in and around Whitehaven where routes are highlighted and specific landmarks show points of interest along the way.

Technologies Used


Objective C (for iOS devices)

Java (for Android devices)

Java Enterprise Edition (JEE)