Whitehaven RLFC Website Home Page



Whitehaven RLFC needed a new web site developed in a hurry.  Their existing hosting arrangements were coming to an end on the 1st of January 2020 and they needed a web site up and running.  Whitehaven RLFC contacted Buzy Bee Software Services to see if we could provide them with a web site that was quick to update and easy to manage.  With only 3 weeks to deliver the new web site Buzy Bee Software Services set to work.

Our Solution


Buzy Bee Software Services delivered a completely new web site that is easy to navigate and maintain by Whitehaven RLFC's staff. Backed by the award winning Concrete5 Content Management System the web site is now even easier and quicker to update.  Buzy Bee Software Services developed several templates and added features to help keep the web site looking fresh and up to date.

Technologies Used


MySQL Database